We Thinkers!

A Comprehensive Social Emotional Learning Series You and Your Child Will Love
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What Is It?

We Thinkers! is a series of children’s books that teaches social-emotional skills. It helps social learners ages 4–7 cultivate foundational social competencies and executive functioning.

We Thinkers! is divided into two volumes. Each volume contains ten colorful and fully illustrated storybooks that introduce children to social thinking skills, vocabularies, and concepts via detailed, step-by-step lessons. The books are designed to support a unified curriculum and are not intended as stand-alone teaching tools.

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How Can We Thinkers! Help My Child?

All kinds of ways! We Thinkers! has been shown to facilitate the following essential skills in children:

  • Social perspective taking
  • Self-awareness
  • Executive functioning
  • Social problem solving

We Thinkers! Is used by parents, teachers, and clinicians all over the world to foster social skills in a fun, creative, and engaging way.

The Storybooks

Upon opening the first We Thinkers! storybook, you and your child will join the adventures of Evan, Molly, Jesse, and Ellie. Together you’ll visit faraway lands, explore the bottom of the ocean, travel back in time, and rocket into outer space!

In each fascinating location, your child will be prompted to explore core social concepts in fun and engaging ways. Every book concentrates on a different social concept and contains lessons and activities to help your child practice social skills. These include:

  • Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings
  • The Group Plan
  • Thinking with Your Eyes
  • Body in the Group
  • Whole Body Listening

For example, your child will practice whole body listening while visiting the zoo, and learn how to interact with groups while swimming along with a school of fish in the ocean.

Overall, We Thinkers! is a fantastic teaching tool that has been proven to dramatically improve children’s social intelligence and social skills.

For more information on We Thinkers!, please check out the Social Thinking website.

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