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School Therapy Services

"Melanie is one of those magical practitioners who meets a child, identifies quickly what is needed to help, and actually gets them to have fun learning and growing. She’s top of her field! If you're looking to help your child with therapy to reach their potential I would highly recommend her and her team! "

-Ellie G., Educator

School Therapy Services

At Emerald City Therapies, we’re proud to work closely with local school districts in Waxahachie and across Ellis County.

We provide speech and language therapy services to children at their schools. This includes in-person therapy, assessments, evaluations, and more. Our SLP services for children at school include:

  • Early screenings
  • Early intervention
  • Teletherapy
  • In-person therapy
  • Goal development
  • Transition skills
  • Independent educational evaluation (IEE)
  • Teacher/teacher assistant training

Please get in touch to learn more about our in-school therapy services.

The Impact of Communication Difficulties on Learning

Why is in-school speech and language therapy so important?

Children learn best in communal environments. They learn by talking, reading, listening, and playing with other kids at school. The better a child’s communication skills are, the better they will do in school and in life.

As such, even minor communication issues can seriously affect your child’s performance at school.

For example, some children have difficulty with reading; others with writing and spelling. Some children can readily understand their teacher’s instructions and social cues but cannot interact effectively with their classmates. For other children, the problem is the exact reverse.

Children suffering from communication difficulties become less eager to go to school. They have much harder times learning and growing both as individuals and as members of their school community.

If your child is experiencing communication difficulties at school, they should see a speech-language pathologist as soon as possible. Each school has its own process for this. Your child may get referred to work with a team consisting of the SLP, classroom teachers, special education teachers, a child psychologist, and other professionals.

Communication Difficulties on Learning
Speech Therapy at School - Emerald City Therapies

Speech Therapy at School

When working with local schools, our job is to identify when children may be demonstrating communication problems in the classroom. Working closely with the regular classroom teachers, we test your child’s speech and language skills in classroom settings to determine whether they need additional treatment.

We work proactively with children and their families to “nip the problem in the bud” and resolve communication issues before they grow into major difficulties for your child.

As much as possible, we try to keep kids in their regular classroom settings. However, sometimes special group sessions outside of class are the best way to address speech or language issues at school.

Working closely with your child’s teachers, we develop specially tailored curricula that will help build communication skills both in school and at home.

Information for School Districts

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